A guide to the music of Two Tail

Not much insight can be gained from looking at the Macclesfield-based producer Two Tail’s Soundcloud profile, aside from the 24 year old’s commendable desire to “make music for your dog.”

What is clear, is that Two Tail, real name Ted Scoltock, has consistently released slick low-tempo electronic tracks for well over three years.

Photograph: Two Tail

Who is Two Tail?

From the age of 16, Scoltock sneaked into the infamous Antwerp Mansion and regularly played sets to crowds of students and local clubbers. He arrived half and hour before the bouncers at the Rusholme venue, so that he could hop on the decks without having to negotiate with hostile security staff.

An adolescence listening to Led Zeppelin, The Prodigy and, later, hip-hop shaped the young DJ’s sound. After finishing college, Scoltock studied at the Manchester School of Sound Recording (SSR) in Ardwick for three years. The SSR was originally a commercial studio space in the Northern Quarter called Spirit Studios where The Smiths, 808 State and The Stone Roses recorded some of their work up until 1984. It then transitioned into an educational institution providing courses in Audio and Sound Engineering, Music Production and Music Business.

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At the SSR, Scoltock gained access to a wide range of equipment such as turntables, mixers and old Roland Jupiter synthesizers. Getting to grips with the new tech, coupled with visits to Manchester’s Eastern Bloc and Piccadilly Records, inspired Scoltock to immerse himself completely in the music production process.

In 2017, Scoltock released his debut EP Quit Whilst You’re Head on Dansu Discs, followed by releases on Ad Hoc Recordings, Ionic Order Records, and recently on the London-based Menagerie.

What sort of music?

Scoltock silky sound jumps between disco, deep house and jazz. Much of his work falls between Moomin’s earlier soothing releases and the lazy strip-back style of the Dutch/Danish house label Sleazy Beats Black Ops.

There is a softness to his sound which makes it equally suitable as a soundtrack to your morning as it does the nightclub.

Photographs: Two Tail

Where to begin?

With nostalgic keys and gentle percussion, Scoltock’s latest EP Don’t Talk To Crows saunters along in a lazy haze.

“Coming to you live and direct from a narrow boat on the canals of Manchester,” there is a real sense of stillness and calm in the three track EP. Slightly melancholic, it is a perfect accompaniment to the drizzle of our rainy city.

Listen to Two Tail’s Don’t Talk To Crows