Akemi Fox and Teo: ‘Nothing will beat a face-to-face performance’

Up-and-coming South Manchester artists Akemi Fox and Teo combine heartfelt lo-fi R&B with striking visuals. Misha Notley caught up with them following the successful release of their latest EP Colour You In.

How would you describe your sound?

Akemi: Chill vibes that are slightly depressing, but also hopeful.

Teo: Probably melancholy R&B is the right way to describe it.

Is the genre you’re producing the music that you listen to?

Akemi: I listen to similar music, but also I’m quite stuck in my ways, so I listen to albums that I’ve loved for years. I’m a bit lazy with finding new music at the moment, but I still want to. You know when you have emotions attached to songs? I like to relive them, especially at the moment when life isn’t the best.

Akemi Fox and Teo
Photo: Zoey Jacqueline
Who are your dream collaborations?

Teo: It changes a lot, but right now it would have to be SZA or Summer Walker.

Akemi: It would be Kaytranada because it would get me into a dancier and happier vibe which I’m intrigued to do in the future.

What effect did lockdown have on your songwriting process?

Akemi: [Lockdown] makes me feel like I’m stuck in a rut sometimes, especially with lyric writing [because] it’s hard to be inspired when you’re not doing much.

Teo: You can definitely see, on the lyrics side, that it feeds off people more, [whereas] on the production side it’s very easy for me to go and sit in a room for a week and make a bunch of beats.

Do you see yourself staying in Manchester?

Akemi: I like to expand as much as possible. Of course, I love Manchester and I would always perform here and make music with other people here. The Manchester music scene is very inspiring, I feel like everyone is very supportive and friendly with each other which is nice.

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What is your favourite venue that you’ve played at in Manchester?

Teo: Gullivers, probably. That was just the funnest night.

Akemi: We played Manchester Academy – obviously the crowd wasn’t huge – but it was nice to have such a professional set-up.

Teo: We played with a band as well, the Global Soul team.

Akemi Fox and Teo performing
Photo: Akemi Fox and Teo
What challenges do you face when performing?

Akemi: I used to have the worst stage fright. When I return to the stage, I’ll probably get that stage fright again. You’d watch me and you’d feel uncomfortable because I’m a bit shakey. That was definitely a difficulty for me because I wasn’t used to singing in front of people.

Teo: My main issue when I’m playing beats is: what do I actually do with myself whilst the beat is running? I have to dance around and look a bit lanky.

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Are virtual concerts as good as performing in person?

Akemi: When you’re watching someone live, it’s just a feeling that you can’t replicate on livestream. When you’re performing, even if you can’t see every individual person, you can see a group of people and it just feels like a different level of support rather than just seeing numbers. Nothing will beat a face-to-face performance.

Teo: Whenever I’m going to see people that I want to see, there’s a part of it which is just like: ‘Oh my god, they’re here!’ It’s not the same on livestream.

Akemi Fox and Teo
Photo: Zoey Jacqueline
How do you curate your image and visuals?

Teo: I leave the visuals up to Akemi, but I’m a good assistant on a shoot.

Akemi: I’ve met quite a few people from my Uni that are photographers. For the Colour You In EP, that was taken by my friend Morgan Roberts who is a fabulous photographer. He always makes his models look fabulous and I wanted to feel and look fabulous. Some of the other artwork was by a graphic designer called Sophie Seth who is fabulous. She did the Lemon Tea and You Love cover.

Do you have anything coming up which we can look out for?

Akemi: At the moment, we are working on some new music, that’s what I’m focused on.

Teo: We’ve got another acoustic set-up video coming out soon.

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You can stream Akemi Fox and Teo’s new EP Colour You In on all platforms and buy previous releases on Bandcamp. Follow Akemi on Instagram @akemifoxx and Teo @teomadeit.