Salt Magazine is an independent arts and culture publication based in Manchester. The magazine is run by a small group of volunteers who cover the city’s vibrant arts, music and photography scene. 

We want to provide a wide-reaching platform for emerging cultural talent, especially amplifying voices of people who would otherwise not be heard.

Our magazine takes a broad view of the creative arts, celebrating film, theatre, architecture and fine art. Manchester’s soundscape is constantly evolving, drawing on its own rich musical history and shaping it into something new. We want to capture this.

The stories we tell are distinctly visual, so all our work is driven by innovative photography.

We’re proud of our northern identity and this is reflected in our name, stemming from the ‘salt-of-the-earth’ reputation northerners and Mancunians hold. We intend to bring grounded cultural journalism to our readers.

As a new publication, we are working hard to bring thoughtful and interesting content to our readers across the whole of Manchester, including in our weekly newsletter. We hope that you will join us in this exciting project, and consider sharing our work with friends and family.