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We’re an independent, non-profit online magazine covering music, photography, culture and the arts across Greater Manchester. Often arts and culture journalism in our city looks backwards, but we want to spotlight those shaping Greater Manchester’s future.

We mainly publish features which could include interviews, essays, in-depth reviews and deep dives. Our articles are interesting, thoughtful and well-researched. We also publish photography in the form of photo essays.

All commissioned articles will be paid a flat rate of £50 on submission of the final draft. The work must be original and not published elsewhere.

Pitch to editorial@saltmagazine.co.uk

What are we looking for in a pitch?

We want to give our readers insight into the people, movements and scenes which are pushing culture forward in Greater Manchester. This could be through an insightful interview with a musician, an exhibition review which explores how art and politics intersect, or a piece of critical writing that asks questions about how we see our city.

Our arts writing includes fine art, theatre, literature, film and visual arts. The music we cover is not limited by genre and we take a broad view of what classifies as culture.

You need to have an idea of how you will structure your article, who you plan to interview and why the reader will find it interesting. We want to hear what story you will tell, rather than what topic you want to write about. Think about if you are the best person to write the article.

We recommend reading our previous published articles and checking whether we have already published something similar before pitching to us.

How do you format a pitch?

Your pitch should be no more than four paragraphs and it should include the premise of the story, it’s structure, interviewees, why you are the best person to write the article and why it should be published now.

The subject line of the email should be: PITCH: [Headline or top line of the story]

Please do not submit finished articles, drafts or stories that have already been published elsewhere. For photo essays, please do not submit your photographs before we agree on the angle and structure.

What type of articles do we publish?

Interviews: Insightful, flowing interviews with people who have something to say which relates to Greater Manchester. We prefer narrative interviews that give a sense of the interviewee’s personality rather than Q&A.

Essays: Well-researched reported essays which tell interesting and important stories about our city and draw on local knowledge and experiences.

Exhibition reviews: Thoughtful and considered reviews which go beyond surface-level judgement and explore the artists’ motivations, influences and processes. The writer must have attended the exhibition (either in-person or online) and there must be a Greater Manchester connection.

Music reviews: Sharp and insightful long-form reviews which critically explore new Manchester music. We prefer to review albums and the work must have been released in the past five years. We don’t do ‘out of ten’ ratings of albums.

Book reviews: Colourful and incisive reviews of books by Mancunian authors or that are related in some way to Greater Manchester. We encourage you to explore the book’s ideas and context rather than make conclusions on its merit.

Photo essays: Photographs which have something to say or tell a story about Greater Manchester. You may also submit writing to go alongside the photographs.

For all article types, we encourage you to source images and photography to accompany the words.

What do you need to know?

All commissioned articles or photo essays will be paid at a flat rate of £50 regardless of word count. We know this is a small amount of money and we hope to increase it as soon as we can sustainably do so.

Salt Magazine is a non-profit, volunteer-run publication – none of the editors make any money from the magazine. We rely on the generous support of our readers who have made it possible for us to start paying freelancers.

Most of our articles range from 700-1,200 words. We provide a style guide to freelance writers.

As we have a small budget, we have to be selective on which pitches we accept but we will provide feedback on pitches regardless of whether they are successful or not.

Salt is an online-only magazine, there isn’t a print edition.

Send your pitch to editorial@saltmagazine.co.uk